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Why Can't I Login?

Why Can't I Login?

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Order a New OSHA 10 Card

Order a New OSHA 10 Card

If you have lost your previous OSHA 10 card, you can order another. Learn How >>
How to Apply for Scholarships

How to Apply for Scholarships

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How to Access CareerSafe Study Guides
Learn how to track and monitor your students and print grade reports.
How to Get Your OSHA 10 Wallet Card
Learn how to track and monitor your students and print grade reports.
Printing Your Completion Certificate
Learn where to find and how to print your certificate.
How to Navigate CareerSafe Courses
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Course Troubleshooting
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I Failed My Test, What's Next?
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Find answers to most commonly asked questions.

How do I order a new copy of an OSHA Card?
Cards can only be reprinted once, and the reprint must be ordered within 5 years of the date of course completion. The reprint will be sent to the address on file for the user who orders it. If a card needs to be mailed to the student directly, it should be ordered by the student. If it needs to be sent to the teacher instead, the teacher should order it. For more information, including how to order the reprint, visit the help guide "How to Order a Replacement Card" for students and employees.

Ordering a reprint as a student or employee:

    1. Log in to your CareerSafe® account.

    2. Click on Account Info.

    3. Click on Transcript.

    4. Click on the name of your course.

    5. Click on the 'Click Here to Request a Completion Card Reprint' button.

    6. Follow the prompts to finish ordering your completion card.

If you did not receive a copy of your original OSHA card, please contact our support desk, so that we can submit a request to OSHA to have a new card printed.

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When will I get my OSHA card?
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