Student Tools and Resources

This guide introduces you to using the tools and resources available to students, including:

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Study Guides

Each CareerSafe course is accompanied by complementary study guides located within the course and accessible for both online viewing and download. Study guides are useful resources you can use to review for your Final Assessment or check understanding of key course content.

To Access the Study Guide

  1. Navigate to the CareerSafe Campus and sign in.  
  2. In the Courses I Am Taking section, select the course for which you’d like to access the study guide.
  3. Once the course opens, click the Study Guide tab located on the left side menu of your course home page.  
  4. Clicking the Study Guide tab will expand an interactive menu displaying all the features it includes, as well as a link to download the document as a PDF.  
Course Study Guide (screenshot) Example of the Study Guide (screenshot)
Additional Course Resources
Many topics within CareerSafe courses contain additional downloadable resources like vocabulary sheets and takeaway references. These can be found in the Topic Home page within a course, to the right of the circular menu. Selecting the blue Resources button will navigate you to a menu where you can access the resources by module.
Course Topic Page Showing Resources Button (screenshot)
Resources by Module (screenshot)