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NexGen LMS

The CareerSafe NexGen™ LMS is the next generation of the CareerSafe Learning Management System. This multi-year, product development project will provide more robust tools for instructors while enhancing the online experience for all CareerSafe users.

Our teams started design in January 2023 and the first major release of the NexGen LMS launches this summer.

CareerSafe Summer 2024 Release

Get excited! Great things are coming to the CareerSafe Campus.

Introducing a highly intuitive experience, more efficient ways to manage learners, increased visibility and flexibility in rolling out training across your organization, and the ability to seamlessly ship OSHA cards to different locations.

Revamped Look and Feel
  • Improved Gradebook
    Flexible view options and a streamlined design so you can quickly access the learner information you need.
  • Mobile-Friendly
    On-the-go access lets you interact with the CareerSafe Campus wherever and whenever you need.
Easier Set Up and Learner Management
  • Simplified Set Up
    A more efficient process and new group concept makes it incredibly easy to set up learners and get them access to courses.
  • Additional Administrator Roles
    With more administrator privilege options, your organization can decide who does the organizing and tailor it as needed.
  • Expanded Access
    Gradebooks and orders are visible to administrative users throughout the organization and not just to individual instructors.
Clearer OSHA Card Shipping

Ensure your OSHA cards get exactly where they need to go.

  • Prominent Address Display
    Increased visibility of shipping addresses means you always know where cards are being shipped.
  • Refined Address Setting
    The ability to manage addresses at the group level simplifies shipping address set up.
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CareerSafe NexGen LMS Updates

We will email you as new features and NexGen LMS releases are announced.