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Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to commonly asked support questions, including links to relevant guides for step-by-step instructions.
When will I get my OSHA card?

OSHA requires that a student must meet the mandatory seat time (10 or 30 hours based on the course), complete all course topics, pass the Final Assessment, and submit the Course Survey in order to successfully complete an OSHA 10-Hour/30-Hour course. Once completed, you will immediately have access to a course completion certificate, which is proof of course completion, and your OSHA card will be mailed within two business days.

Visit our Getting Your OSHA Card Support Guide for more information.

Signing Into CareerSafe
Why do I get a “Login Attempt Failed” error message when I try to sign in to the CareerSafe Campus?
Most of the time, this error message shows up because someone is either entering an incorrect email address or has forgotten their password. You can reset your own password if you know the email address tied to your CareerSafe account. Refer to our Getting Started Support Guide for instructions.
Student Tools and Resources
How do I print my course completion certificate?
Once you have completed a CareerSafe course, your completion certificate will be emailed to you. You may also download/print your certificate any time. Refer to the Course Completion Certificates section in our Getting Your OSHA Card Support Guide for instructions.
Instructor Tools and Resources
How do I enroll my students in a course?

As an instructor or administrator, you have the ability to enroll students in course seats that you own in one of three ways:

Refer to our Course Enrollment Support Guide for more information on enrolling and unenrolling students.

Course Troubleshooting
I’ve visited each module page in a topic. Why is the Topic Assessment still disabled?

Each topic within a course has a required seat time. To unlock the Topic Assessment, students must spend the specified amount of time working on that topic. The required seat time for each topic is listed on the topic page. If you have completed all the modules, but are still short on seat time, you may work on the Resources modules included in each topic until you reach the minimum seat time.

Please refer to the OSHA Outreach Training Program FAQs for more information on OSHA mandated seat time requirements.

Course Purchasing
How do I get a quote? Or get answers to my purchase questions?

Visit our Course Catalog to purchase courses online using a credit card or purchase order.

Contact our Sales Team for quotes (e.g., volume purchases, Education Pricing) or to check the status of an existing order.