I Failed My Test, What's Next?

If you fail to make a 70% or higher on your final assessment, the attempt is considered a failed attempt and you as the student will not be able to continue. Luckily, as a CareerSafe student, you have 3 attempts at the final exam. Assuming you have not used all 3 of your attempts, there is still time to prepare for you next attempt. If you have already used up all 3 attempts, you cannot retake the assessment. Instead, you must contact your teacher or employer and have them reset your CareerSafe course from the beginning.

Before you continue to another attempt at the final exam, we recommend doing the following to maximize your chances of passing:

Review the study guide.

Did you know that as a CareerSafe student, you have a course study guide available to you? This course study guide can be found within the course, and covers many of the most important topics you are likely to see on the final assessment. This guide can even be printed out so you can take notes and highlight imporant information. To learn more about the course study guide, including how to access it, visit the "How to Access Study Guides" page.

Visit the "Additional Resources" in each topic.

Many topics within the course have additional resources that may better help you learn and retain important information that can appear on the final. While the course resources are optional, CareerSafe always encourages students to visit and review the entire section for the greatest chance to pass the cumulative final assessment. The resources section includes a variety of different helpful sections, including topic assessments, documentations, and videos. To learn more about Additional Resources, including where to find them, check out the "Getting Started with CareerSafe" page.

Review the course material again.

One of the great things about a CareerSafe online course is the ability for students to review matieral as often as they choose. When you complete a topic, you have the option to review the topic and compete it again, as many times as you would like. If you stumble upon a secion or page that you know you would like to revisit, you can save that page for later by selecting the "Toolbelt" icon on the top right on the screen. Every page you save will be stored in the "Toolbelt" section for later. The toolbelt is a great way for students to accumulate material they feel needs further review before the final assessment. To learn more about the Toolbelt, and how to use it, visit the "Getting Started with CareerSafe" page.

Now that you have all the materials you need to be successful, it is time to review and take the final assessment again! Don't stress, you got this!