License Management

Administrators can easily organize and allocate purchased CareerSafe seats to teachers and staff within their organization using CareerSafe’s “License Management” tool. Teachers and staff can then use the same tool to distribute vouchers to their own students.
To begin, navigate to the CareerSafe Campus website and log in.
Login Screen
Once you have logged in, click the “Teacher Tools” link on the left-hand side of the page or the “Teacher Tools” button at the top of the page.
Teacher Tools
Click the “License Management” tab near the top of the page.
Login Screen
Click a link below to continue the instructions for each section.
How to Create a Site
The first step in license management is to create a site. To begin creating a new site, click “Add Site”.
Add Site
In the Site Name field, enter a descriptive name for your new site, such as the name of your school or organization.
Site Name
Search for your school or organization by zip code or name.
Search by Zip Code
Locate your school or organization in the results list.
Results List
Once you have selected your school or organization, click “Create Site”.
Create Site
You will be presented with a success message when your new site is created.
Success Message
Your newly created site will now be located in its own section of the “License Management” tab, found on your CareerSafe dashboard.
New Site
How to Add Teachers to a Site
Once you have created a site for your school or organization, you can add and assign teachers to that site.
In the “License Management” tab, scroll down to see your existing sites below the My Seats chart. Find your newly created site, and click “Add Teacher” to add a new teacher to that site.
Add Teacher 2
If the teacher you wish to add already has a CareerSafe Campus account, click the “Existing Teacher” tab and skip ahead to the next step for adding an existing teacher. Otherwise, fill out the fields on the “New Teacher” tab to create an account for a new teacher.
New Teacher
Once you have filled in all the fields in the “New Teacher” tab, click “Add Teacher to Site” to create that teacher’s account and add them to your site. The teacher will receive an email with instructions for logging in to their CareerSafe Campus account.
To add an existing teacher to a site, select the “Existing Teacher” tab and search for the teacher’s account using their email address.
Existing Teacher” tab
Search Teacher
Select the correct teacher from the results list.
Select Teacher
Once the teacher has been added, you will be able to locate the newly added teacher within your site.
Newly Added Teacher
To add more teachers to this site, click “Add Teacher”.
Add More Teachers
How to Allocate Seats to Teachers
Once teachers have been added to a site, administrators can allocate seats to those teachers for distribution to students.
In the “License Management” tab, scroll down to see your existing sites below the My Seats chart.
My Seats
Locate the teacher to whom you would like to allocate seats and click “Allocate Seats”.
Allocate Seats
The Seats Available column of the Seat Allocation chart displays the number of seats available for allocation to the teacher.
The Seats Allocated column of the Seat Allocation chart displays the number of seats currently allocated to the teacher.
Seats Allocated
To allocate additional seats to a teacher, type the desired number into the Add Seats column that corresponds to the course for which you would like to add seats. You can add seats to multiple courses at once by entering values into multiple fields in the Add Seats column.
Add Seats
Once you have finished adding seats, scroll down and click “Update Seat Allocation”.
Update Seat Allocation
You will be presented with a success message once seats have been allocated.
Seats have been Allocated
How to Allocate Seats to Students
Once an administrator has distributed seats to teachers, teachers can then allocate those seats to their students.
At the top of the screen, click the “Seat Management” tab.
Seat Management
Scroll down to locate and expand the Students section, below the My Seats chart. A list of your currently enrolled students will display.
Students section
To enroll a student in a course, click “Add Student”.
Add Student Tab
In the pop-up window, enter the email address associated with the student’s CareerSafe account, then click "Search"The student must already have a CareerSafe account to be enrolled in a course.
Enter the Email Address
Search Email Address
Select the name of the correct student from the results list.
Select Student
A list of your available CareerSafe courses will display. Choose the course in which you would like to enroll the student and click “Select Course”.
List of Available Courses
Select Courses
You will be presented with a success message once enrollment is complete.
Seat Management Success
Please note: Students who attempt to enroll themselves in a course using your teacher code will need to be approved in the Enrollment Requests section.
Enrollment Requests
To enroll one of your current students in another course, click “Edit Enrollment”.
Edit Enrollment
In the Available Courses section, select the course in which you would like to enroll the student, then click “Submit”.
Available Courses
Available Courses Submit
You will be presented with a success message once enrollment is complete.
Success Message

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