How to Exchange OSHA 10-Hour Seats

Any teacher or administrator can exchange seats from one CareerSafe course to another within the same library for free and as often as they’d like using the steps below.
Please note: Seats cannot be exchanged if a student has completed 50% or more of the course. If you exchange a partially used seat, all progress made by that student will be erased.
Start by navigating to the CareerSafe Campus website. Log in using your CareerSafe teacher credentials.
Login Screen
Once you have logged in, click the “Teacher Tools” link on the left-hand side of the page or the “Teacher Tools” button at the top of the page.
Teacher Tools
Click the “Seat Management” tab near the top of the page.
Seat Management
On the “Seat Management” tab, the “My Seats” chart displays your current CareerSafe courses and available seats. Locate the course from which you would like to exchange seats and click “Exchange Seats”.
Exchange Seats
The next screen will display both the original course and any courses available for exchange. Adjust the numbers in the “Reallocate” column to distribute the available seats from the original course to any of the courses available for exchange. Click “Submit” to save your changes when you are done.
Please note: You may allocate available seats to multiple courses, but the total reallocated may not exceed the number of seats available in the original course.
Exchange Seats
The changes you made will now be reflected in the “My Seats” chart on the “Seat Management” tab.  Seats are now ready to be distributed to students.

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