Why Can't I Login?

Do you remember your password?

The most common reason students cannot login to their CareerSafe account is because they simply forgot their password. You can either ask your teacher or administrator to reset your account password for you, or you can reset your password yourself. To reset your account password:
  1. First navigate to the CareerSafe Online Campus
  2. Under the login fields, click the link "Forgot Password?"
  3. You will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account. (If you do not remember the email associated with your account, ask your teacher or administrator.)
  4. If you entered the correct email, a reset code will be emailed to you. Login to your email and copy the reset code sent to you. Paste this code into the "Reset Code" box on the CareerSafe campus site (You will automatically be redirected to this page).
  5. Last, enter your new password, and then enter it again and click "Reset Password."
Be sure to verify you have a CareerSafe account already. If you have never made a CareerSafe account in the past, you will want to proceed with the link "Don't Have an Account?" and follow the instructions from there to create a new CareerSafe Campus account.

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I have received a passing grade on the Final Assessment, so why can't I take the Course Survey?
If your Final Assessment is not marked complete, you will not be able to proceed to the Course Survey, which is the final module needed to complete the course. If you receive a passing grade on your assessment, but it does not show up in your transcript, please send a screenshot of your passing grade to support@careersafeonline.com and we can mark the assessment complete to allow you to proceed.
When will I get my OSHA card?
How can I view my own transcript?
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