Printing Completion Certificates

What is a completion certificate?

Upon full completion of a course, CareerSafe provides a course completion certificate to the student, as a trophy of their knowledge to provide to administrators and/or employers. The Completion Certificate is not an officially recognized credential from OSHA, nor does it hold any legal value, but it is however accepted by many employers as a temporary replacement for an OSHA 10 wallet card, that is until the actual wallet card arrives. It is encouraged that students print out their completion certificate as soon as they complete the course and hold onto the certificate until their OSHA card arrives in the mail.

How to print a course completion certificate.

Every CareerSafe online course is awarded a completion certificate immediately upon course completion, as proof that the student successfully passed all the minimum requirements of the online course. As an individual, you have the ability to print your own course completion certificate.
Let’s learn how to print your completion certificate. There are several ways a student can go about doing this. If you have completed a CareerSafe OSHA 10-Hour course, you can print the completion certificate directly from within the course.
  • First, enter the online course you wish to print the completion certificate for.
  • Next, navigate down to the tab labeled “Certificate.” If you have met all the minimum requirements of this course, you will be able to print the certificate here. If you have not yet met all the minimum requirements, you will not be able to print your certificate, and the tab will be locked, as indicated by the lock symbol.
  • As a student, you can also print your completion certificate through the online campus.
  • To do so, first login to the CareerSafe online campus. Locate the name of the course you wish to print the certificate for. You will notice the “Certificate” button, which will be blue if you have met all the minimum requirements. If the button is greyed out, you have not yet met all the minimum requirements needed to complete the course.
And that’s it! You have successfully printed a course completion certificate for a student.