CareerSafe Study Guides

What is the Study Guide?

CareerSafe provides study guides for all students for free. Study guides are always located within the course and can view viewed either online or download to a PDF format directly onto your computer. Study guides are customized for your specific course, and cover material you are likely to see on the cumulative final assessment. It is highly recommended that students thoroughly review the study guide before attempting a final assessment.

Where to find study guides:

Your CareerSafe study guide can be found in the "Study Guide" tab within the course. To get here:
  1. Login to the CareerSafe campus using your unique student login credentials.
  2. Under the section titled "Courses I Am Taking," select the CareerSafe course you are currently enrolled in.
  3. Once the course opens, navigate to the tab "Study Guide" located on the left side of your screen. (For mobile users, the tab will be under the mobile menu on the top left side of the screen.)

Find answers to most commonly asked questions.

Why do I need to provide a shipping address?
This is the address to which OSHA 10-Hour cards will be mailed upon successful course completion.
I have received a passing grade on the Final Assessment, so why can't I take the Course Survey?
When will I get my OSHA card?
How can I view my own transcript?
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