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SkillHero and CareerSafe Announce Partnership

[CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, OCTOBER 12, 2023] — SkillHero, the leading career network for the skilled trades, is thrilled to announce its partnership with CareerSafe, the premier provider of innovative and affordable online training. This strategic collaboration will bring CareerSafe's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training and professional development programs to the members of SkillHero's extensive network.

Online OSHA 10-Hour training saves contractors $240-300 per worker and also allows employees to start producing their first day on the job. CareerSafe offers OSHA 10-Hour training that can be conducted at any time, with no waiting time for an instructor’s availability. Training is offered in both English and Spanish, allowing individuals to train in their preferred language.

Through this partnership, SkillHero aims to ensure that anyone interested in a trades career has access to comprehensive and affordable training, helping to increase employment opportunities for the members of its network.

SkillHero is currently the preferred national provider of CareerSafe’s online training for early career individuals looking to enter the skilled trades. Together, the goal is to increase the amount of certificates and credentials earned by individuals who are ready to enter the workforce.

"We’re focused on solving the skilled labor shortage and one way we do that is by connecting members on SkillHero with training and resources that help support their career development,” said Quincy Nadel, Chief Operating Officer at SkillHero. "By joining forces with CareerSafe, we are democratizing access to upskilling and helping our members become more marketable to employers.”

CareerSafe is widely recognized for its interactive and innovative online training programs, which adhere to high standards of quality. By incorporating CareerSafe's renowned OSHA 10-Hour training into the SkillHero platform, both organizations strive to promote a safe and knowledgeable skilled workforce across the United States.

"We’re excited about this partnership as both SkillHero and CareerSafe share a common goal of educating and training young workers to excel in their chosen careers," stated Sherry Pruitt, Executive Director of CareerSafe. “The result is a pipeline of well-trained potential employees who are ready for work with a nationally recognized credential.”

About SkillHero

SkillHero is a new workforce technology company serving the growing demand for talent in the skilled trades. SkillHero offers the resources, connections and pathways necessary for individuals to explore and begin a meaningful trades career. For employers, SkillHero unlocks a more informed, motivated and diverse recruiting pipeline for the skilled jobs of today and tomorrow.

For more information about SkillHero visit www.skillhero.works.

About CareerSafe

Founded in 2003, CareerSafe has set out to address the safety training gap for young workers with the ultimate goal of making jobs safer for workers. From safety and health training to employability skills and cybersecurity awareness, CareerSafe is focused on providing the foundational skills workers need to launch successful careers. The 10-Hour OSHA training courses are just one of the many programs they offer to help students succeed in their chosen career paths.

For more information on CareerSafe, visit careersafeonline.com.