ATLO Software, CareerSafe, and the Florida Masonry Apprentice and Education Foundation (FMAEF) Partner Together to Educate Inmates on OSHA Safety Training

[COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, JULY 19, 2023] Three separate companies — ATLO Software, CareerSafe, and the Florida Masonry Apprentice and Education Foundation (FMAEF) — have created a partnership, offering OSHA safety training to incarcerated individuals.

“CareerSafe shares the FMAEF’s mission of educating skilled workers on safety within the construction industry, which prevents injuries and deaths,” said Sherry Pruitt, Executive Director of CareerSafe. “With this new partnership, we are excited to utilize ATLO Software to bring OSHA training to prison systems nationwide, safely and securely.”

FMAEF is currently the preferred national provider of CareerSafe’s online training for correctional facilities, launching in 2023 and working with clients in Florida, Louisiana, and Illinois.

The partnership with CareerSafe and ATLO allows for a secure way to administer OSHA training behind the walls of correctional facilities while FMAEF provides virtual employability overviews and mentoring sessions to each of the correctional facilities.

Together, the goal is to increase the amount of certificates and credentials in career and technical education earned by incarcerated individuals, including opportunities such as OSHA 10-Hour training, OSHA 30-Hour training, and NCCER training.


“FMAEF has identified that online OSHA 10 saves contractors $240-300 per worker,” said Sean McCoy, PhD, Executive Director of FMAEF. “It also allows employees to start producing on their first day on the job. FMAEF found that returning citizens benefit from completing OSHA 10 with increased employment opportunities, which hopefully translates into greater community integration and reduced recidivism.”

In general, a minimum of two working days are required to complete OSHA 10 training, utilizing scheduled trainers. Because of the streamlined online offering through ATLO Software, the CareerSafe OSHA 10-Hour training can be conducted at any time, with no waiting for instructor availability. Training is offered in both English and Spanish, allowing individuals to train in their preferred language.

The result is a pipeline of well-trained potential employees who are ready for work with a nationally recognized certificate/credential upon release from prison. Inmates demonstrate initiative, increasing their opportunities for employment, and potentially decreasing recidivism.

Prison systems can access affordable and effective training with a vetted online access system, cognizant of specific challenges unique to penitentiaries.

For further information, contact Amy Gallagher (CareerSafe) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling 888-614-7233.

About CareerSafe

Founded in 2003, CareerSafe has set out to address the safety training gap for young workers with the ultimate goal of making jobs safer for workers. From safety and health training to employability skills and cybersecurity awareness, CareerSafe is focused on providing the foundational skills workers need to launch successful careers. The 10-Hour OSHA training courses are just one of the many programs they offer to help students succeed in their chosen career paths.

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About Florida Masonry Apprentice and Education Foundation, Inc.

The Florida Masonry Apprentice and Education Foundation, Inc. (FMAEF) was created in 2002 to add new and expand existing pre-apprenticeship programs and offer education to the masonry industry and construction industry. The FMAEF is an Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) for NCCER and sponsors over 100 high school and post-secondary programs along with program partners in Juvenile Justice, Youth Build, Department of Corrections, and other re-entry programs. They increase the career and technical education opportunities within the Florida Department of Corrections and expand correctional educational opportunities nationally.

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