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Cyberbullying and Sexting Resources: Where to Get Help

CYBERBULLYING RESEARCH CENTER: The Cyberbullying Research Center is a website of information that provides up-to-date information on a range of topics related to cyberbullying. It is intended as a resource for youth as well as parents, educators, law enforcement, and others that work with adolescents. Learn more.


FAQS FOR TEENS: The Cyberbullying Research Center has generated a list of the top ten tips for preventing cyberbullying for teens. Learn more. In addition, the site has also compiled a list of the top ten tips for proper response in a cyberbullying situation. Learn more.


  • "End to Cyber Bullying" is a non-profit organization that raises awareness to end cyberbullying as well as provide information, facts, and services to aid ending bullying on social networking sites.Visit the website.
  • WeStopHate is a group and movement organized by a youth that is dedicated to ending bullying by raising self-esteem and providing support for those affected by bullying. Visit the website.

PREVENTION AND TIP SHEETS: The National Crime Prevention Council has compiled fact and statistic sheets on cyberbullying for teens, educators, and how to prevent and respond to cyberbullying situations. Learn more.

SEXTING LAWS: Cyberbullying Research Center has generated a list of the existing laws for each state pertaining to sexting.Learn more.

FBI BULLETIN ON CYBERBULLYING AND SEXTING: The FBI released a law enforcement bulletin discussing the law enforcement perceptions of determining the proper response and law enforcement of cyberbullying and sexting confrontations. Read more.

ONGUARD ONLINE.GOV: SHARE WITH CARE: Managed by the Federal Trade Commission, OnGuardOnline that explains, demonstrates, and provides information on how to be secure and responsible when online. Share with Care brings awareness to the consequences of sharing and posting online. Learn more.

CYBERBULLYING RESEARCH CENTER: SEXTING ADVICE FOR TEENS: The Cyberbullying Research Center discusses how to respond and act toward receiving a sexually-explicit image or content on a cell phone from peers. Read more.

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