How to Purchase CareerSafe

Purchasing a CareerSafe course as either a teacher, employer, or individual is incredibly easy. In just a few clicks, you can easily buy, distribute, and implement the CareerSafe curriculum into your school or business organization. In this lesson, you will learn how to purchase a course as an individual, purchase the course as a teacher/employer, and choose a payment method.

First, we will learn how to navigate to the Course Purchase page.

To begin, open a web browser. In the address bar at the top, type in the web address and press enter on your keyboard. The CareerSafe website homepage should now display. Click on the campus login button on the top right of your screen to access the CareerSafe online campus. From here, enter your CareerSafe login credentials, then click the orange log in button. If you have not yet made a CareerSafe account, please refer to the How to video titled “How to enroll a student,” where you will learn how to make your own CareerSafe user account. Once you have successfully logged into the CareerSafe campus, click the course catalog link on the left side of the screen. A list of all available courses will display. From this screen, you can choose to add a course to your CareerSafe shopping cart for purchase

Next, add courses to your shopping cart.

You can add courses to your virtual shopping cart by clicking the orange "buy now" button. If you are looking to purchase multiple seats for a specific course, you can change the quantity of purchased vouchers by changing the "quantity" field in your virtual shopping cart. Be sure to click the "update" link under the quantity field to save your changes. Once you have all your desired CareerSafe courses added to your cart, click the "checkout" button at the bottom.

Finally, complete the online secure checkout.

To finalize your CareerSafe purchase, navigate through the CareerSafe secure checkout. The secure checkout has 4 steps that must be fully completed to complete your CareerSafe purchase.

In step 1, you must first either sign in with your existing CareerSafe Campus account by clicking "Already have an account? Sign in" or create a new CareerSafe Campus account by filling out all the fields below "create account." After creating a new account or signing in using your existing account, continue to step 2.

In step 2, you will need to enter your shipping information. It is important that you fill this out accurately, as this is the address your students' OSHA Wallet Cards will be sent to. If you want the wallet cards sent to your school address, you can enter your school address here. Additionally, if you would like to pay for USPS First Class Shipping with tracking, you can select that option in the "shipping method" fields. NOTE: If your students have a total of 5 or more completions at once, CareerSafe will automatically send your cards as First Class with Tracking for free. Bundles or 4 or less cards will be sent by USPS Standard mail at no additional charge.

In step 3, you will need to enter your payment information. CareerSafe accepts online payments by Credit or Debit card, including Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. Once your payment information has been correctly filled out, you can proceed to step 4 where you can review your order details and confirm the order. If you paid by credit or debit card, your CareerSafe courses will be immediately available.

Find answers to most commonly asked questions.

Why do I need to provide a shipping address?

This is the address to which OSHA 10-Hour cards will be mailed upon successful course completion.

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