How to Access Administrator Tools

The CareerSafe program is the only authorized provider of online OSHA 10-Hour training that is student focused. Because of this, we offer a variety of tools to help manage your students or employees. Whether you have 1 class, an entire school district, or an entire company, student organization is a breeze. You can find every Teacher Tool from the CareerSafe Campus Dashboard, which can be found by logging in to your CareerSafe account and clicking the "Vouchers and Teacher Tools" link on the left hand side of your screen. (Note: If you do not see this link, that means you have never had vouchers placed in your current account.)

For an overview of all available Teacher Tools available to you, watch the CareerSafe Demo Video.

The CareerSafe Gradebook:

The CareerSafe Gradebook is the best way to view a complete overview of all your students' grades and course progress. Within the gradebook, you can also reset students' passwords, print grade reports, and print completion certificates.
For more information about the CareerSafe gradebook, including how to access and use it, see the How to Use the Gradebook help guide.

Create accounts for your teachers:

Teachers are busy people, and CareerSafe knows that. That is why CareerSafe is pleased to offer a "2 click set up process" for our teachers. As a school administrator or director, you can easily create teacher accounts under your own administrator account, so your teachers do not have to do any technical work themselves, other than logging in. From there, your teachers can generate their own unique teacher code to distribute directly to their class, and their class alone. This is a fantastic way to ensure your teachers (or yourself!) are not overwhelmed with the amount of students in your system.

To learn how to create accounts directly for your teachers as an administrator, check out the How to Manage your Vouchers help guide.

A student management system:

We know how difficult it can be to track all your students or employees, and with some of our customers overseeing thousands of individuals, a student management system is a must. If you are a principal, director, manager, or purchaser, you may find it easier to group you students or employees into groups, based on teacher, department, or any other criteria you wish.

Within the CareerSafe Seat Management system, assigning seats and distributing voucher codes is as simple as a click. You can track how many course seats you still have available, along with how many seats have already been used by the students.

To learn more about student management and teacher code distribution, visit the How to Manage your Vouchers help guide.

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What forms of payment are accepted? What about Purchase Orders (POs)?
Any CareerSafe course can be purchaed online via a Credit Card, Purchase Order (PO), or Cashier's Check. If you are purchasing our course via PO, please make sure to fax or email the PO in along with this form.

Note: Corporate/non-educational entities wishing to purchase with a PO will be subject to a credit review.
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Can my students avail of the discounted price of $25 if they personally purchase a CareerSafe 10-Hour course?
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