CareerSafe Forms Official Partnership with HBI

The Home Builders Institute (HBI) is the nation’s leading educational resource for career technical education in the building industry. HBI provides its students with the skills and experience they need for careers in residential construction.

The organization offers pre-apprenticeship training, job placement services, mentoring, certification programs, and online learning across the country to youth, veterans, displaced workers and others who want to be a part of America’s trained workforce.

HBI does more than provide job skills. Its programs build character and self-esteem, helping students develop what they need to succeed on the job and in life. HBI changes lives every day.

To read more about HBI, visit

How to Link Your OSHA 10 with Your HBI Account

As part of this partnership, individuals can link their hard-earned OSHA 10 credentials with the HBI database.  To learn how to do this, please complete the steps below.

  1. First, login to the CareerSafe Online Campus, located at 
  2. Next, in the top right corner, hover over your name and select “Account Information.”
  3. A total of 6 unique options will appear. Select the “Affiliations” link.
  4. In the affiliations table titled, click “Add New Affiliation” and choose “National Center for Construction and Education Research” from the dropdown list.
  5. Finally, enter your first and last name and your HBI Membership ID in the designated fields.
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