Career Skills Network (CSN)

At their core, CSN lives and works to increase the capability and achievability of students and the caring teachers who love them!

Career Skills Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, created out of a passion for young people that have a dream of success and the dedicated teachers and people who guide and support them in making their dreams become a reality. For over 30 years, the founder of CSN, Kate Cirillo, Ph.D., has been working in schools, youth organizations and businesses in the United States, inspiring teachers and students to reach their highest potential.

Growing up in a small “factory town” in upstate New York, Dr. Cirillo saw, firsthand, the benefits of Career & Technology Education.  “Many of these programs, which offered the certifications and credentials needed to gain immediate employment, helped so many people in my town become thriving productive citizens.” It is her belief that with the combination of passion-driven teachers, workforce-ready training programs that offer certifications and credentials, and a clear pathway for success, great outcomes will be achieved.

For more infomation, including training information and services, check out the Career Skills Network website here!

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