Time Management Training

The Time Mangement course, with a seat time of one hour and fifteen minutes, provides a solid foundation in the skills, tools, and strategies employees, interns, or students should possess to manage varying tasks and calendars effectively and efficiently. By placing these skills in a context of personal, social, and professional goals or priorities this course aims to build the resources, confidence, and direction necessary to take control of your time and increase your productivity through the development of a time management plan.

Course Topics:


The Importance of Time Management

Given varying situations, you will be able to identify the benefits of managing your time to achieve personal, social, and professional goals.
  • • Describe the meaning of time management.
  • • Compare time techniques, tools, and strategies.
  • • Recognize the personal, social, and professional benefits of time management.
  • • Identify when there is a need for managing time.
  • • Describe the common causes of procrastination

Components of a Successful Time Management Plan

Given a time management plan, you will be able to discern why a tool or strategy would be effective and when to utilize it to maximize time.
  • • Recognize that a good time management plan is purposeful, sustainable, and includes accountability.
  • • List the strengths and weaknesses of individual tools in the time management toolbox.
  • • Determine the appropriate time management tool or strategy for a situation.
  • • Utilize strategies for prioritizing tasks.
  • • Identify activities that are time sinks.
  • • Explain the benefits of organization as a tool for saving time.
  • • Select good cybersecurity approaches.

Developing a Personalized Time Management Plan

Given a character profile and scenario, you will be able to use the process for developing a time management plan to select the most appropriate tools for managing time demands efficiently.
  • • Engage in and model the development of a time management plan.
  • • Describe the steps of developing a personalized time management plan.
  • • Recognize self-assessment tools to personalize a time management plan.
  • • Evaluate how time choices align with priorities.
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