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The CareerSafe Employability Skills courses are designed with your students’ futures in mind. In today’s highly competitive job market, any edge can make a world of difference, and your investment in employability skills could change a student’s career trajectory—and life. With topics from Communication Skills and Teamwork to Financial Management (both personal and workplace are available) and Critical Thinking, our courses are crafted to target both personal and professional development and give your students the knowledge they need to succeed. Invest in the future with CareerSafe Employability Skills courses.  

Fill out the form below to request more information on the CareerSafe Employability Training package.

Fill out the form below to request more information on the CareerSafe Employability Training package.

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CareerSafe cares for our customers and understands the unique challenges the pandemic has placed upon the education community. To help minimize impacts and continue helping students prepare for the future, we have decided to extend the phenomenal, simplified pricing deal on our Employability Skills Site License for the 2021-2022 school year.

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This training course is included in the CareerSafe Employability Site License package. To learn how to buy a site license for your entire school, as well as view all available Employability courses, visit the CareerSafe Employability - Site License page.
Employability Skills Curriculum
The entire Employbility Skills Curriculum is has unique, complimentary courses which can be purchased in an inclusive site license. Optionally, each course in the cirriculum may be purchased one at a time or on a per-student basis. Learn more about each of the Employability Skills sourses below.

CS 600 - Interview Skills

The Interview Skills Training Course provides knowledge and skills for students seeking part-time employment opportunities, internships or apprenticeships.  Through this training, students will learn about seeking and securing employment, workplace ethics, and success in the workplace.

CS 601 - Communication Skills

The Communication Skills Training course will teach students how to identify the elements of the communication process, develop improved communication skills, and be better equipped to identify and avoid common barriers to effective communication.

CS 602 - Time Management

This course provides a solid foundation in the skills, tools, and strategies employees, interns, or students should possess to manage varying tasks and calendars effectively and efficiently.

CS 603 - Cybersecurity Essentials for Work

This course provides a solid foundation that employees, interns, or students should possess in order to make them an informed and engaged digital citizen poised to protect an organization’s electronic data.

CS 604 - Human Resource Management

This course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts related to human resource management, including legal requirements, employee selection considerations, and employee development and evaluation.

CS 605 - Teamwork

The Teamwork Training course covers strategies and techniques to help you become a more effective and valued team member. Learning ways to successfully communicate, constructively acknowledge differences and show respect are critical to being a strong team player.

CS 606 - Written Communication

The Written Communication Training covers electronic communication tools and describes how to consistently employ strategies to develop written materials that are clear and concise, as well as create effective and appropriate electronic business communications.

CS 607 - Materials Management

The Materials Management course aims to provide general information about the importance and relevance of materials management, some basic strategies for maintaining resource inventory, and some of the considerations necessary for the movement and selection of materials, including the environmental impact.


CS 608 - Personal Financial Management

In this course, students will develop and grow skills, assuring day-to-day financial stability. Students will also learn to lay the groundwork for future success by having adequate emergency funds, building solid credit, and planning for future expenses.

CS 609 - Workplace Financial Management

In this course, students will learn practical workplace financial management skills, allowing them to effectively manage resources to maximize progress towards a business goal.

CS 610 - Critical Thinking

This course aims to provide the strategies and practice to refine the student’s critical thinking skills, emphasizing when to tap into these intersectional skills to increase our ability to conquer challenges and engage in a global community.
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