We're Bringing Safety Back: 94th National FFA Convention & Expo with CareerSafe and SAY

Each year, the National FFA Convention & Expo provides opportunities for students to learn more about who they want to become and how they can prepare themselves for the future. The focus of the event is growing the next generation of leaders in the agriculture industry. This year, the 94th National FFA Convention & Expo returned in-person in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 27-30, 2021. The event had over 56,000 attendees, and CareerSafe was there to share the message of safety with them all!

At the CareerSafe booth, students shared agriculture facts from their states, what they loved about FFA, and what they knew about agriculture safety. Additionally, CareerSafe participated in the Safety in Agriculture for Youth (SAY) Safety Space. The SAY Safety Space was the product of the united effort of ten organizations to advocate for youth safety in agriculture through activities like virtual reality tractor safety training, grain entrapment simulations, discussions of personal protective equipment (PPE), conversations about managing mental health, and more.

Above all else, CareerSafe Education Outreach Specialist, Hollie Dove, enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students and learn more about their perspectives, reflecting: 

"I loved seeing all the students have the opportunity to enjoy the conference in person this year. You could see the excitement on their faces when you asked them about the special medals that adorned their jackets…Over and over again, I heard how being a part of FFA has provided them opportunities they never had before and that they are more confident in their leadership abilities." 

Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries, but SAY partnerships are grounded in a commitment to promoting agricultural safety. SAY helps youth involved in agriculture #StartSafeStaySafe by providing them with needed resources and training.Together, CareerSafe and other SAY partners are working to make an impact through education and outreach so we can help tomorrow's agricultural leaders change how the world grows.

"We are honored to be working with leaders and safety professionals across the nation to improve young worker safety in agriculture. We strive to provide every young worker with a solid foundation of safety awareness as part of their preparation for managing and living a better quality of life through this event. Let's always remember that No Job is Worth a Young Worker's Life."

Katie George, Sr. Director of Business Development, CareerSafe

About SAY

SAY is a grant project funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop a sustainable and accessible national clearinghouse for agricultural safety and health curriculum for youth. The project is a collaboration between University of Nebraska, Purdue University, and Ohio State University.

About CareerSafe

CareerSafe delivers Safety Education for America's Future™. The vision of CareerSafe is to advance and enhance OSHA's outreach by providing every young worker with workplace safety training prior to taking their first job. To this end, CareerSafe is committed to offering affordable, informative, and innovative online safety training to reach as many young workers as possible. CareerSafe has contributed to SAY grant efforts by training more than 78,000 students in the CareerSafe OSHA 10 Agriculture course and participating in the USDA National Steering Committee on Agriculture Youth Safety.

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