CareerSafe Celebrates 2 Million Safer!

CareerSafe is thrilled to reach another milestone! In 2017 we were proud to share our achievement of training over 1 million students in our safety programs, and now, four years later, we have doubled our impact! CareerSafe is now TWO MILLION SAFER and growing! From coast to coast, even in the midst of a global pandemic, students and teachers have been able to use our online safety training as a resource to keep students safe not just on the job, but in all aspects of their lives.

We have been fortunate enough to witness first-hand how these dedicated educators continue to pledge to their students the importance of having a CareerSafe classroom with our OSHA 10-Hour programs. The continuous effort they put forth by teaching the proper safety skills gives their students more opportunities to further their careers once they graduate.

CareerSafe's Founder and CEO, Dr. Larry D. Teverbaugh, expressed his enthusiasm by saying, "one of the things I feel the strongest about is the feedback we get from students. We have received literally thousands of stories from students talking about the impact of our courses on their awareness on workplace hazards, and not only the workplace hazard, but also how the students use this knowledge to protect themselves, their fellow coworkers, and even family members while at home, at work, at school, and out in their communities."

Katie George, Director of CareerSafe, has been with the company for 15-years. Starting as an Administrative Assistant, Katie has grown with CareerSafe as it has expanded and has contributed to the many successes and milestones similar to this one. In her excitement she said, "Having trained more than 2 million students, CareerSafe is achieving the mission of providing Safety Education for America's Future and that's so amazing to think about! From conversations with teachers at past conferences, we have made such a positive impact on the lives of these students. When it comes to safety education and expanding employment opportunities for young workers, we believe in what we do to help."

As a company, it's clear that we aim to make an impact by closing the safety gap in the workforce by educating students all over the nation to become safe and successful in whichever career path they choose. CareerSafe prides itself on innovation and will continue to deliver affordable high-quality courses to help students stay safe in the workforce.

Will you be part of 2 Million Safer? To learn how you can make your classroom CareerSafe, click here.

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