Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE)

ACTE's mission is to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce.

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is the nation’s largest not-for-profit association committed to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. ACTE represents the community of CTE professionals, including educators, administrators, researchers, guidance counselors and others at all levels of education. ACTE is committed to excellence in providing advocacy, public awareness and access to resources, professional development and leadership opportunities.

ACTE’s success is reliant on the success of its divisions, state associations and educators. Strengthening and supporting leadership and alignment throughout this infrastructure will increase both capacity and member value. ACTE looks to reinvent its professional development system with the intention of growing every member, every year. ACTE wishes its members to grow from learners to leaders. ACTE is seen as the credible source of information on U.S. Career and Technical Education. Through CTE brand development, advocacy and prioritized audience targeting, ACTE can impact the perceived value of CTE and serve as a liaison between business leaders, education leaders, and policy makers. Lastly, ACTE’s expansive grassroots delivery structure offers an exceptional path to identify and scale innovation throughout the K-20 system.

CareerSafe's main objective is to provide safety training for every young worker before they enter the workforce. That is why a partnership with ACTE is a no-brainer. Using ACTE's expansive network of career and technical education educators, administrators and professionals to further that mission allows CareerSafe to reach more young workers while giving ACTE members a solid foundation for their students. To that end, for every student who completes the course using the ACTE referral code at check out, CareerSafe donates to ACTE.  CareerSafe believes that safety should be a fundamental skill and that safety doesn't just belong in the classroom or jobsite, but in all walks of life. That is why CareerSafe teams up with ACTE every year to acknowledge and award an exceptional educator who go above and beyond in preparing students in safety for their future with the Safety Educator of the Year award.

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