By providing their students with safety training, educators gain the satisfaction of knowing they have educated their students academically and improved their students' safety and employability.






The internet has revolutionized the way students do things. Aside from making it easier to communicate and gather information, it has provided a convenient and cost-effective way to learn by completing online courses in high school. No young worker should be denied workplace safety training based upon their socioeconomic status, where they live, where they go to school, or where they work. CareerSafe chose an online format focused on high school students in order to provide any young worker access to affordable, high quality safety awareness training anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. Through CareerSafe’s partnership with OSHA, students completing their online OSHA 10 Hour safety awareness courses not only learn about their rights in the workplace and how to identify and mitigate the most commonly encountered job risks, they also earn a nationally recognized employment credential which will serve them throughout their chosen career path.

CareerSafe’s young worker audience has grown up in a world where a high level of online interactivity is a normal part of everyday life. Through its unique Youth-2-Youth™ (Y2Y) interactive course design, CareerSafe engages young workers on a more relatable level that helps them conceptualize workplace safety as a lifelong priority from the day they arrive on the job. CareerSafe Online is a purely web-based training delivery service that does not require unusual hardware peripherals or special software to be installed at the student site. CareerSafe Online will work on almost any Internet-enabled computer with the most basic of configurations.