By providing their students with safety training, educators gain the satisfaction of knowing they have educated their students academically and improved their students' safety and employability.









CareerSafe Takes Major Sponsorship Role in STOP the Violence Program 


January 3, 2016 – CareerSafe is pleased to announce our new sponsorship role in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America’s (FCCLA) Students Taking On Prevention (STOP) the Violence Program Awards. The STOP the Violence program empowers youth with various tools and skills to recognize, report, and reduce youth violence. Through STOP the Violence, FCCLA members use peer education to reach other youth with violence prevention training, help others recognize warning signs of potential youth violence, and encourage youth to report troubling behavior.

“I am very pleased that our newest endeavor is continuing to bring awareness to the violence and bullying youth experience,” CareerSafe founder Dr. Larry Teverbaugh said. “We are excited to support students as they educate themselves and others in preventing violence.”

The freedom to communicate with and about each other anytime, anywhere has exposed teens to even greater dangers of bullying. According to a student feedback survey from the CareerSafe Cyber Safety Awareness Training series, 25% of students report having been cyberbullied and 41% say they have witnessed someone being cyberbullied. On a national level, 10% of kids have tried to end their lives because of cyberbullying (No Bullying 2016 online report).

CareerSafe recognizes the need to provide students with basic awareness training to respond to situations related to cyber safety, cyberbullying and sexting. We are thrilled to be sponsoring the 2017 STOP the Violence national program awards and supporting an effort that not only reveals the dangers of bullying, but focuses on proactive measures to preventing bullying. By connecting our training with FCCLA’s excellent resources enabling a peer-to-peer outreach initiative, we look forward to seeing a decrease in overall bullying statistics in schools along with improved student response to potentially violent situations. “FCCLA is thrilled to have the support of CareerSafe while we strive to provide excellent tools to equip today's youth as they educate their peers on relevant and serious topics such as youth violence," said Sandy Spavone, FCCLA Executive Director.


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