By providing their students with safety training, educators gain the satisfaction of knowing they have educated their students academically and improved their students' safety and employability.






CareerSafe Online has worked with State and Federal funding programs so that all students have a chance to receive their OSHA 10-Hour cards.

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Some of those funding opportunities are below:


PERKINS FUNDS: All Perkins-supported programs focus on developing problem solving skills, higher-order reasoning, applied knowledge that contributes to academic learning, and occupation-specific skills. The CareerSafe Online program has been federally approved for Perkins spending and is categorized as an Industry Recognized Credential under Perkins.

WIA FUNDS: Workforce Investment Act Funds were established for the purpose of training and procurement of employment opportunities. WIA funds are available through local workforce boards across the country.

TITLE I IMPROVING THE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF THE DISADVANTAGED: Title I grants reach 12.5 million children with funding of over $13.5 billion. Title I goes to local educational agencies (LEAs) to supplement State and local education funding in high-poverty schools.  Learn more...


WAGNER – PEYSER 7(B) FUNDS: Wagner-Peyser 7(b) Discretional Funds are provided by the State Governor for each individual State. Allotments can be up to $500,000 dollars. If you are interested in helping CareerSafe apply for Wagner-Peyser funds within your State please contact our outreach team.

TITLE II, PART D EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY STATE GRANTS: This educational technology program provides $700 million to the states and the funds can be used for a variety of educational and administrative technology purposes. The grants require that 25% of the funds be spent on professional development, unless a professional development program has already been implemented. Learn more...


CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS: CareerSafe® Online is currently working with SkillsUSA and Lowes to provide Federal OSHA 10-Hour training to SkillsUSA students Nationwide. If you are interested in applying for CareerSafe vouchers through the SkillsUSA and Lowes grant please visit the SkillsUSA website.

LOCAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Numerous schools and districts have reached out to their community businesses to help provide Federal OSHA 10-Hour trainings to their students.

MINI GRANTS: Private or nonprofit foundations, as well as government programs can provide mini grants. Mini grants are usually around $500, but can be between $100 and $5000. Mini grants are free money that never has to be repaid if obligations were met. Mini grants are not usually renewable and are meant to fund one-time expenses, but you can apply each year. How to Apply For A Mini Grant