By providing their students with safety training, educators gain the satisfaction of knowing they have educated their students academically and improved their students' safety and employability.








    • What is your contact information?

      You can reach us by phone at 888-6147-7233 or by email at .

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    • What can I do to troubleshoot module issues?

      Most module issues, such as the slide not loading or being unable to click Next, can be solved by clearing your cache/cookies in the web browser. The steps to do that will vary based on your browser, below are instructions for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If using a different browser, such as Safari or Opera, try switching to Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.




      1) Click on the three dots in the top right corner

      2) Click on “More tools”

      3) Click on "Clear browsing data"

      4) For "Obliterate the following items from" select "The beginning of time"

      5) Check the boxes for only "Cookies and other site and plugin data" and "Cached images and files"

      6) Click on "Clear browsing data" on the bottom

      7) Refresh your browser by hitting the F5 key on the top row of your keyboard




      1) Click on the three bars in the upper right hand corner

      2) Click on History

      3) Click Clear Recent History

      4) Select from the drop down a timeframe

      5) Click Clear Now

      6) Refresh your browser by hitting the F5 button on the top row of your keyboard


      Internet Explorer


      1) Click on the gear icon in the top right corner

      2) Click Safety in the menu

      3) Click Delete Browsing History

      4) Make sure only Temporary Internet Files and Website Files are checked

      5) Click Delete

      6) Refresh the browser by hitting the F5 button on the top row of your keyboard.

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    • I click on a link in a module but then can’t continue. What do I do?

      On any page with handout links, after clicking on the link to view the handout you’ll need to return to your already open module. An easy way to navigate back to your already opened module after you click on a link is  to hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and tap the TAB button.  (If you instead go back to the course page and click on the module link, that will re-open the module and restart your page, so don't do that.)

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    Accessing Student Records

    • My student has forgotten their username and/or password. How can I retrieve the information?

      As a teacher, you can look up your students login information within your Gradebook. To do so, go to Voucher And Teacher Tools, then Gradebook. If you click on a student's name, you'll see the email address they should be using to login and you'll have the option to Reset Password if they need a new password.

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    • As a teacher, how can I print my student's completion certificate?

      In the teacher Gradebook, once a student is complete, a link to the student certificate will be available.

      1) Login on teacher account

      2) Click on Voucher And Teacher Tools

      3) Click on Gradebook

      4) Click on the student's name

      5) Click on Print Certificate

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    • Is there a way for a teacher to check their students' transcripts in the campus?

      Yes, teachers can view their students' progress in the teacher gradebook.  To access the gradebook, log into the campus and click on the Voucher and Teacher Tools link.  From there the Gradebook can be viewed. Download the Getting Started: Campus Gradebook Guide.

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    Program Requirements

    • What browser programs are supported by this program?

      Most browsers are supported, however, to ensure optimum performance of the site, we recommend Internet Explorer version 10 or higher, Google Chrome version 50 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox version 45 or higher.

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    • What browser settings are required for the campus?

      Users must have cookies and java script enabled. You will also need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

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    Course Content Information including OSHA Requirements

    • How many times can a student take an assessment?

      For the OSHA 10-Hour courses, students have three attempts on each assessment to score 70% or higher. If they fail an assessment three times, their course will go into remediation. If they go into remediation on any assessment except the Final Assessment, their teacher can reset the assessment to provide them with a fourth attempt. If a student fails an assessment a forth time or fails the Final Assessment three times, then their whole course has been failed.  We can offer one free course reset in that case; however all of the student's progress will be lost and they must start the entire course over from the beginning.  Only teachers may call 888-614-7233 or email and request this free course reset. Teachers, please include the student's voucher number or email address within these requests.


      For the non-OSHA courses, students have five attempts on assessments to score 70% or higher. If they fail an assessment five times, additional attempts may be granted. Please call 888-614-7233 or email to request additional attempts.

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    • Do you offer the OSHA 30-Hour course, the OSHA Scaffolding course, or the OSHA forklifts course?

      No, CareerSafe is only authorized for the OSHA 10-Hour courses. Information on the other OSHA courses can be found on OSHA's website.

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    • Do you offer the training in languages other than English, such as Spanish?

      No, we only have courses available in English.

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    • How long do students have to complete the course?

      Students have 180 days to complete the OSHA 10-Hour courses and the CyberSafety courses. Students have one year to complete the CareerSafe StartSafe StaySafe Workplace Training courses.

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    • Where do you get the information for the courses?

      The course content comes from the OSHA Training Institute as well our team of subject matter experts in the OSHA Safety and Health Training industry.

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    Campus Questions

    • I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

      From the Campus Login page, you can click on Forgot Password?, then enter your email address and click Continue. You will then be asked your security question, which you will need to answer then click Continue. If you answer correctly, you'll be able to set a new password. If unable to set a new password, please call 888-614-7233 or email for assistance.

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    • How do I get a new copy of my OSHA card?

      OSHA charges a $7.00 fee for every card reprint. Cards can only be reprinted once, and the reprint must be ordered within 5 years of the date of course completion. The reprint will be sent to the address on file for the user who orders it, if a card needs to be mailed to the student directly, it should be ordered by the student, if it needs to be sent to the teacher instead, the teacher should order it.


      Ordering a reprint as a student or individual:

      1. Log in to your CareerSafe account.
      2. Click on Account Info.
      3. Click on Transcript.
      4. Click on the name of your course.
      5. Click on the 'Click Here to Request a Completion Card Reprint' button.
      6. Follow the prompts to finish ordering your completion card.

      Ordering a reprint as a teacher:

      1. Log in to your CareerSafe account.
      2. Click on Voucher and Teacher Tools.
      3. Click on Request Completion Card Reprints.
      4. Select any students you want to order a replacement card for.
      5. Click on 'Request Replacement Cards Button' at the bottom of the page.
      6. Follow the prompts to finish ordering your student's completion card(s).

      If you did not receive a copy of your original OSHA card, please contact our support desk, so that we can submit a request to OSHA to have a new card printed.

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    • Is an email address required to create an account in the CareerSafe campus?

      Yes, due to OSHA regulations we must require an email address to access the campus. However that email address does not need to be a real email address, so you can enter a fake email address (example: when creating your account.

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    • How do I get to the campus?

      From the website click on the Campus Login button or navigate to

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    Order and Billing Information

    • How much do the CareerSafe StartSafe. StaySafe. Workplace Training courses cost?

      Site license options are available for the CareerSafe StartSafe. StaySafe. Workplace Training courses. For information on site licenses, please contact the Support Services team (888-614-7233 or and they will assist you. This course cannot be purchased individually.

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    • How much do the CareerSafe CyberSafety Awareness Training courses cost?

      The CareerSafe CyberSafety Awareness Training is $5 per student. Site license options are also available for the CyberSafety courses. For information on site licenses, please contact the Support Services team (888-614-7233 or and they will assist you.

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    • What is the refund policy?

      Refunds or cancellations of orders may be issued if the following conditions are met:

      • Requests for a refund must be made by contacting CareerSafe directly by phone (888-614-SAFE) or email ( within THIRTY (30) days of the date the order was processed and voucher number(s) were supplied to the customer by CareerSafe.
      • Refunds or cancellations will only be awarded for course voucher number(s) that have not been in use or completed by a student.

      Refunds will only be issued to the organization/individual that originally placed the order and not necessarily to the individual possessing a voucher number(s) for an uncompleted course.

      Depending on the industry, once an online course is started, students have up to 180 days to complete the course to receive credit for completion. Refunds will not be issue due to failure to complete the course within the allotted time period.

      Refunds will not be issued for failure to complete the course examination with a passing score.

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    • Order Form

      If you are unable to purchase our course(s) online via a credit card, please follow the instructions provided on this order form.  If you are purchasing our course via PO, please make sure to fax or email the PO in along with this form. Order Form 

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