By providing their students with safety training, educators gain the satisfaction of knowing they have educated their students academically and improved their students' safety and employability.







Why Online?

Benefits of online learning include:

  • Our programs are convenient and a cost effective approach for learning. The information students receive will be the same no matter when or which classroom they are in.
  • Courses are beginning to have a blended learning approach. In fact studies have been done that show students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through strictly traditional face-to-face instruction.
  • Educator has the power to be flexible with how to implement in their curriculum.
  • Program features an interactive course design to relate to how students interact today.
  • Educators have access to a student management system which includes an interactive gradebook, classroom reporting, and supplemental materials for each course.


How Educators Benefit from the CareerSafe Program:

Program benefits include:

  • Reduced Liability
  • Credentialing Opportunities
  • Seamless Classroom Integration
  • Increased Student Employability