By providing their students with safety training, educators gain the satisfaction of knowing they have educated their students academically and improved their students' safety and employability.







CareerSafe®, the country’s leading provider of online safety training specifically designed for youth, would like to highlight Ray Graham Training Center High School’s culinary arts program on its accomplishments and dedication to safety education.

Ray Graham Training Center High School, a special education high school in Chicago, Illinois, provides hands-on training for its students to help them increase their independence at home and in the community. Their education program is designed to meet the unique educational, physical and emotional needs of their students while presenting them with modified and general education curricula to best support them toward a successful and independent future with strong trade skills.

The Home Arts/Culinary Arts program focuses on educating its students in a practical way that extends beyond culinary work skills to include communication and problem solving. These students learn money management, mathematics and social skills by shopping for their own groceries, eating in restaurants and serving food to others. Students in the culinary course are also enrolled into CareerSafe Safety Awareness Training, a 5 hour safety awareness training course. With this course, Elizabeth Edohen, the culinary arts teacher at Ray Graham Training Center High School, believes her students gain an advantage over their peers when they are seeking work. Edohen and the principal, Rebecca Parker, want to give their students as many of the same options in career and technical education as they can and that includes safety training.

At the end of the year, Ray Graham Training Center High School organizes a graduation ceremony to celebrate the amazing achievements of their students. The culinary students, using the skills they have learned, provide refreshments and cookies for all the attending graduates, family and friends. At the graduation ceremony, students are honored for their achievements and receive medals along with their safety certificates.

For more information on Ray Graham Training Center High School and all the great things they are doing for their students, please visit their website here.

CareerSafe would like to congratulate the culinary students on their exceptional achievements! If you or your school has great achievements please share them with us.